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According to the provisions of the Section 20. of the Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.) on he detailed rules governing contracts between consumers and companies the purchase who are determined as consumer shall be entitled to a withdrawal right of 14 days without any justification. Under the Section 3. of Section 8.1 of Civil Code, a consumer is a natural person acting outside his profession, self employment or business. 

You are entitled to terminate the contract without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the product. Your right of withdrawal can be exercised between the date of concluding the contract and the date of reception of the contract

If you are intend to exercise your right of withdrawal, you shall be obliged to make a clear statement, or to fill into the following declaration which forms an attachment of the relevant government decree to the seller’s abovementioned addresses (by mail or by e-mail) during the cooling off period.



2nd attachment of the Government Decree 45/2014. (II.26.)

Statement of withdrawal

(only in case of withdrawal/termination of the contract, fill in and return)



I/We the undersigned, hereby declare, that I am/We are exercising my/our right of withdrawal relating contract of sale and purchase of the following product(s) or providing the following service(d)

Date of conclusion of the contract Receipt of the Products:21

Name of consumer (s):

Adress of consumer

Signature of the consumer: (in case of written statement)




The proof that you had been exercised your right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of the present POS or the relevant legal provisions it’s yours. If you do not send you statement of withdrawal within the specified deadline, it will be deemed that you have not fulfilled the conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal, so the contract will not be terminated and the contract shall remain in effect. In case of termination in writing, it shall be deemed valid, if your statement has been sent to the seller during the cooling off period (even on the 14th calendar day).

In case of withdrawal, the ordered product must be returned to the seller no later than 14 days after notification of the withdrawal notice.

IF you have withdraw from the contract, the seller will refund all remuneration you have paid after receipt of the withdrawal notice, but but no later than 14 days, except for the delivery costs and the additional costs incurred by that you have chosen the cheapest mode of delivery.

Returning procedure

Returning the product is entirely the responsibility of the customer and the arisen costs shall be borne by the costumer. The shipping fee will not be refunded unless the product is damaged. We recommend you to send back the product with a checkout report or ask the product to be raced and also provide insurance for it.

Prior to returning, please send an e-mail to the in which please indicate the reason for returning the product and please also indicate if there is any defect on the product as well as your claim.

Please send back the product via mail or courier service to the following address:
Le Soleil Kft.
1052 Budapest, Váci utca 9. fsz.7.

Exchange returns

You can request and exchange return within 14 days of receiving your order. Items can only be exchanged if there is a different size or color available of the same product. The new item will be eligible for return through the same return procedure. If you want to change style it will be considered as an “Other return”.

Faulty returns:

Into the event of a defective product, you are entitled to ask first for repair or replacement. If the product cannot be repaired or replaced you are entitled to request a purchase price reduction or you can withdraw from your purchase.

The product shall be considered to be defective if it does not meet the requirements of the legal regulations or  the provisions of the contract, for example a manufacturing defect has been arisen. A defect due to improper or intended use, tear of breakage shall not be considered as a manufacturing defect.

The defective product must be returned to SUNANDEYE.COM for examination with the indication of the claim. Please note that in case of warranty, for 6 months the seller will be liable for the burden of proof, but then, the buyer shall be liable for the burden of proof. In case of product covered by a mandatory guarantee, the seller shall be liable for the burden of proof until the end of the warranty period.

The SUNANDEYE.COM attempts to repair the defective product, but if it fails to, we replace the product with the same one, or if it is no longer available, you will receive a full refund or you can purchase the price of your product according to your choice.

What are my guarantee rights?

The sunglasses which purchase price is exceed 10 000 HUF, are subject to the mandatory warranty.

The products of the webshop, according to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the Government Decree 151/2003 (IX.22.) the a mandatory warranty obligation shall borne the seller, which means, that during the guarantee period, the seller van only released from the liability, if it proves that the arisen defect is due to improper use of the product. The scope of the decree applies only to the new products sold under consumer contracts concluded in Hungary and which are listed it the Annex of the Regulation.

A defect shall be not be covered by the guarantee, if its reason has occurred after the product has been delivered, for example, the error is the result of improper use, disregard of the operating instructions, improper storage, improper handling, damage or natural disaster.

Firstly, you are entitled to ask for repair or replacement, upon your decision, unless your chosen warranty claim is impossible to fulfill (for example, the defective product is a run –off series and therefore no replacement is possible), or if the chosen warranty claim comparing with the other cause a disproportionate additional cost (e.g., in case of a high-value product, is not justified to replace the whole product due to the error of a few thousand forint parts which can be easily repaired, taking into account the value of the supplied item in error, the breach of contract and the disadvantage caused to the right.

If you do not have the right to repair or replace under the abovementioned conditions, or if we are unable to repair or replace the product, or we cannot fulfill within a reasonable time and without causing significant inconvenience you can choose to request an appropriate price reduction or you can withdraw from the contract (and get back the total purchase price). It is important to know, that there is no place for withdrawal because of a significant error.

It is also possible to switch from one warranty right to another, but you have to bear its costs, unless it is justified or it was necessary because of the seller.

The seller shall be obliged to repair or replace – taking into account the characteristics of the products and its intended purpose as soon as possible, but no later than 15 days.

The part of the repairing time shall not be considered as a part of the warranty period, when you cannot use properly the product. The warranty period will be resumed with respect to the replaced or corrected products as well as, it begin again relating to the failure which is the result of the repair works.

In the event of default of the Seller, you may enforce claim against the Seller. In case of consumer contract, you may enforce you warranty claims within 2 year from the date of delivery, for the defaults which was existed when the product was handed over. You will no longer be able to enforce your warranty rights beyond the two-year limitation period.

You are obliged to disclose the default immediately after the discovery, but no later than within 2 month of the discovery.

Within six month of the completion of the contract, there is no other condition to enforce your claim beyond to notice the default, if you certify that you have purchased the product from the SUNANDEYE.COM webshop (invoice, or its copy). I such cases, the seller only exempted from the warranty obligation if it prove that the defect of the product has occurred after the handover. In case the seller can prove that the cause of defect is due to your fault, the seller shall not be obliged to grant your warranty claim. However, after six months from the date of delivery, it is your obligation to prove that the defect of the product has already existed at the time of delivery.

The mandatory warranty is more favorable to the consumers, because the seller is burdened with proof for the entire duration of the warranty one year period, so the seller only exempted from liability if it proves that the cause of the default occurred after the delivery.


In case of damaged products refunds will be processed as soon as returned items have been checked and accepted by SUNANDEYE.COM. For orders paid by credit card, the refunded amount will be equal to the purchase price and be available to customers in roughly 10 days and within their next billing statement. Processing time may vary depending on the credit card company.

Orders paid by bank transfer will be refunded to the original account. Refunds will be issued in the same currency as the original purchase. Any differences in the amount refunded are due to exchange rate fluctuations and will not be reimbursed.

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